Democrats Still Reeling After Epic Loss In Virginia

About one month ago, Democrats were forced to eat a massive amount of crow. It happened in Virginia when Republicans broke Democrats’ over one decade-long streak of controlling Virginia.

Glenn Youngkin is governor-elect and will soon be formally sworn in as governor. Democrats couldn’t believe it and thought that Democrat Terry McAuliffe would win, primarily since he previously served a governorship tenure in the state.

Ever since having to eat crow in Virginia, Democrats have been trying to get to the bottom of what caused them to suffer such a monumental loss. As PJ Media reports, their findings have indicated some authentic problems for leftists in the future.

As it turns out, the downfall of Democrats in Virginia were the voters who voted for Biden in 2020 and then switched and voted for Glenn Youngkin during the gubernatorial election.

Democrats’ investigations revealed that the voters who went from Biden to Youngkin don’t understand what today’s Democrat Party is doing. The left’s accomplishments aren’t evident. Moreover, McAuliffe alienated parents and suburban voters when he dismissed parents’ rights to involve themselves in their children’s education.

Education was also another fundamental issue that sunk McAuliffe in direction. Aside from debates about appropriate levels of parental involvement, voters who backed Biden and then Youngkin wanted to hear more from Democrats on school closures.

McAuliffe was utterly removed from the subject, unlike Youngkin, who smartly centered his campaign around education in Virginia. McAuliffe appeared under the illusion that rolling out big-name Democrats (such as Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden) would do the magic trick.

As Democrats are licking their wounds over the Virginia gubernatorial election, Republicans need to be mindful of the takeaways.

The biggest lesson of all is Republicans have the winning policies and candidates. To win additional elections in the future, GOP candidates must model their campaigns like Youngkin’s and center on the issues that voters’ most interested in.

Terry McAuliffe’s campaign was full of him pulling various stunts like running fake news ads on Facebook about Youngkin. Individuals tied to the Democrat’s campaign even dressed up as KKK members and then stood outside Youngkin’s tour bus, hoping to provoke a reaction.

With the many ways Democrats are making a mess of the United States, it shouldn’t be a struggle for Republicans to communicate with voters, present a better path forward, and win elections up and down the ballot.