Democrats Toy With Possibility Of Harris-Buttigieg 2024 Ticket

The 2024 presidential election is already shaping up to be a significant problem for the Democrat Party. While Biden has gone on record stating he’ll be running for a second term, the prospects of him winning are highly questionable at best.

The higher-ups in the Democrat Party are also very much aware of this, even if they aren’t publicly talking about it. Anyone in America can see Biden’s sinking poll numbers. Americans can also see that in 48 out of 50 states, the president cannot reach an approval rating above the 50% margin.

Now, for some time, Kamala Harris, being Biden’s vice president, was viewed as the innate Plan B, should Biden choose not to run in 2024 after all. However, with Harris bringing in even worse approval numbers than Biden, Democrats are looking at another possibility.

As Twitchy reports, there is now talk of Harris running, but with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as her vice presidential candidate.

CNN, per its op-ed, apparently believes having Buttigieg on a Harris presidential ticket would be enough to offset her terrible poll numbers.

The argument in favor of this claims that a Harris-Buttigieg ticket would span multiple generations, with Harris being 60 by the 2024 election rolling around with Buttigieg in his early 40s.

Additionally, CNN described a Harris-Buttigieg ticket as one that would excite Democrat voters and bring in support from racial minorities, the LGBTQ+ community. Other voter bloc Democrats rely on to win elections.

CNN furthermore believes that Harris and Buttigieg are “moderate” Democrats who would easily be able to deflect accusations from Republicans of them being radical candidates.

Americans didn’t hesitate to weigh in with their thoughts about a potential Harris-Buttigieg ticket during the 2024 presidential race. Many Republicans stated this would be a dream ticket for Republicans looking to defeat Democrats and take back the White House.

Other Americans shared their views as well. Some folks took to social media, declaring CNN as out of touch with where the nation stands today. However, in the op-ed, CNN stated a Harris-Buttigieg ticket would amount to a natural continuation of the Biden presidency, seeing as Harris is vice president and Buttigieg is the Transportation Secretary.

CNN apparently can’t grasp that growing numbers of Americans do not want to continue the Biden administration. This administration has gutted the economy, energy independence, the development of natural resources, and more.

The Biden administration will not have anything positive to show for itself come 2024. Nevertheless, if Democrats put forward Harris-Buttigieg as the 2024 ticket, they should be prepared to face a sound defeat.