Depp Doesn’t Hold Back Punches When He Responds to “Aggressive” Texts

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial has been heating up and Depp isn’t holding back any punches. Heard has been dragged across the courtroom floor and there’s even rumors that she’s copying parts of Depp’s wardrobe for some reason.

During the $50 million defamation lawsuit, Depp took the stand to answer for text messages between the two when they were married. The text message in question is a response to Heard saying “I’m at a coffee meeting now, will be home soon.”

Depp’s response was “No Goddamn meetings. No movies. Why? Why do you deviate from our agreement? What species of meeting? F*** it. Just tell me when you get home.”

Heard’s lawyer tried to twist the text and suggest that Depp was being controlling and aggressive. Depp denied any aggressive undertone and explained that it was odd for Heard to “deviate” from the plans the couple had made.

Heard was trying to get a major role in DC’s Aquaman. Heard ultimately got the role.

Depp said, “So, this is not necessarily an angry text, it’s just ‘why do you deviate from our agreement?’ It’s not about her doing films. How do you think she got ‘Aquaman,’ sir?”

Dr. Shannon Curry has already stated that Heard “demonstrates psychological symptoms of combined borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder” which means that Heard’s claims that she was abused by Depp and the defamation lawsuit against her could be in jeopardy.

Depp has played it cool on the stand and has been very matter of fact when testifying, but also hasn’t taken kindly to some of the questions that have been thrown at him.

Depp claimed that Heard had cut his finger during an argument in 2015 where he then wrote on the wall with his blood then painted. Depp said, “The blood had dried as it were, and so I stuck my finger into a can of paint and also mineral spirits to put my verbal messages onto the wall.”

With the revelations of Heard’s previous actions, the allegations against Depp may be completely flipped and Heard could be proven to be the abuser and aggressor in the relationship. Only time will tell and the end of the trial will be soon and the world will know.