DeSantis Calls Out Brandon For ‘Sad Situation’ With Covid

As reported by Brandon Morse in a recent article at RedState:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently pushed the other Brandon along the same lines as Fox News’ Peter Doocy, when he pointed out that Brandon said of Donald Trump just before the election last that “anyone responsible for that many deaths from Covid should not remain as President of the United States of America.”

Doocy then asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, “Is that still the standard now that more Americans have died under President Biden than President Trump?”

During a recent visit to Pensacola, Gov. DeSantis put the same question to Brandon:

“This is a guy who demagogued Donald Trump all of last year saying COVID was Trump’s fault if you elected him, he would shut down COVID. Well, that hasn’t happened.”

The real question, that both Doocy and DeSantis are too polite and gentlemanly to put forward directly to Mr. Brandon or his press secretary, is something, in its crudely simple form more like: Does it turn out, after all, that it was your side that politicized the coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan last year?

The coronavirus outbreak is a sad situation for many who died, had a close call, or loved someone who died, or had a rough tangle with Covid. But for many, many more people, they wouldn’t have even noticed coronavirus if there had not been the news and political hysteria over it.

It is undoubtedly so as far as health authorities report the most common experience of a novel coronavirus infection is asymptomatic or has only mild symptoms and does not result in anything nearly or even remotely like death for most people who contract the virus.

And they watched their entire planet, their industries, and their lives get rattled hard by the hyped-up fear, uncertainty, and doubt machine, billowing panic into the hive mind, like so much toxic sludge, from an evil industrial polluter. And that industrial polluter was Gal Gadot.

And all of you all. Or roughly half of you all anyway.

The costs to every one of this global mental, environmental degradation are based on the worldwide price of a serious, central, regional shooting and bombing war involving the United States and the systemic failures with deep roots that lead to war.

Indeed, that’s the case as far as the onslaught of rising prices hitting American businesses and consumers in 2021 can tell you, with supply chain shortages and unprecedented borrowing by the U.S. Treasury (as happens every time there is a war, or right after the war).

See in the graph below (hat tip: MacroTrends) of the annual dollar inflation rate in the United States, how after the Iraq War that started in Q1 2003, inflation surged.

And now again, in 2021, after the government mobilized the population under emergency orders and spent and borrowed like a war. Over something that holds up, would most people agree on this at least that if coronavirus is not exactly like the flu, that still it’s more like the flu as a government policy priority than it is like a war (or should be, you know)?

This thing is not Al-Qaeda, nor the Axis of Evil, or any of that, the way people act like it is? Can we all get honest about that together?

Then Brandon could be the president who ended not one but two wars that he inherited from his very stable genius predecessor and be dubbed the transformer. No, it was not Obama who was the one, as we had all hoped. It was Brandon, all along, who would restore balance to the force.

Or he could sit back and dig in his heels and risk going out like Carter to a Trump/DeSantis ticket.