DeSantis Destroys Charlie Crist In Florida’s Gubernatorial Debate

The Monday evening debate between Governor Ron DeSantis and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist was as one-sided as anyone could have predicted, and the incumbent nailed the former governor on several key issues.

When Crist tried to pin DeSantis down on a potential presidential run in 2024, the Republican’s response was classic.

The governor declared that “the only worn out, old donkey I’m looking to put out to pasture is Charlie Crist.”

Humorous barbs aside, DeSantis tackled key issues in a way that his Democratic opponent could only watch and admire. At no time was this more apparent than when Crist threw his defense behind minors receiving gender transition surgeries.

Florida under DeSantis leads the nation in vehemently opposing such procedures.

As the governor patiently explained, what Democrats call “gender-affirming care” comes down to performing double mastectomies on young females and chemically castrating young males.

In no uncertain terms, DeSantis pledged that this will not happen in Florida. He further stated that his administration is doing the right thing by standing in the way of “genital mutilation” procedures on minors.

When pushed further on the subject by Crist, DeSantis retorted that young teens are not in a position to make such decisions about their bodies. He quickly noted that the Sunshine State does not allow a teenager to get a tattoo, yet leftists want to approve of a double mastectomy.

Crist repeatedly attempted to swing the debate back to abortion, stating that the people deserve a governor who believes in a woman’s choice.

Of course the misnamed “Don’t Say Gay” law was broached, and DeSantis had a clear message in defense of the controversial act.

He stated that it is “inappropriate” to tell a 6-year-old that they are in the wrong body or to tell an 8-year-old that they may have been born a girl, but perhaps they are really a boy.

The choice for Florida voters, much like those facing others across the nation next month, could hardly be more stark. Will they side with personal freedoms and protection of the very young, or choose to fall in with those who cater to woke elites and undermine the foundations of the country?