Digital ID Systems Pose Very Serious Risks

Over the years, there have been growing debates about technology’s role in people’s lives. Many folks point out technology’s benefits, yet warn these benefits could backfire if technology is taken too far.

However, some governments across the globe are still pushing to further integrate technology into the lives of individuals and how they move through society.

A few years ago, Germany made headlines amid news of its workers implanting microchips into their hands for the sake of not having to remember passwords.

Then, there’s the push for digital ID systems. To this day, governments are promoting this as the way of the future. Yet, it poses some very serious problems that could be potentially impossible to come back from.

The Danger of Digital ID Systems
Amid growing talk about digital ID systems, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice with New York University is sounding the alarm.

According to this institution, digital ID systems open the door to the violation of people’s human rights, invasive surveillance of individuals, and widescale discrimination.

More warnings from the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice point out that with digital ID systems, people’s perceived value will inherently be tied to their engagement with the economy.

For individuals who are vulnerable or marginalized, this opens the door to them being left out or otherwise viewed (and treated) as less than by governments.

Like the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, many conservatives and Christians have sounded the alarm about initiatives like microchips, digital ID systems, and even cashless societies.

Christians repeatedly warn that programs of this nature will appear during the end times, barring nonparticipants from being able to buy or sell goods.

Folks with opposing viewpoints have largely laughed off these claims as “conspiracy theories.” Although these conspiracies are quickly turning out to be real in different parts of the world.

China already has a social credit system that keeps a tight grip on its citizens. Meanwhile, in Sweden, digital ID systems also exist.

Here in America, there are concerns that the current collapse of the economy could create the perfect storm for leaders to implement digital ID systems, mandatory microchips, and who knows what else.