Dixon Blames Biden And Whitmer Open Border Policy For Fetanyl Crisis

Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon (R) slammed the open border policy championed by her opponent Gretchen Whitmer and President Biden saying that fetanyl has poured in across the southern border and made its way to her state.

During the final Michigan gubernatorial debate, Dixon and Whitmer praised each other for fighting for women and families, but admitted that they would do things very differently if elected. One of the highlights of the debate for Dixon was when she went after the open border policy that Democrats champion.

“We have seen a massive increase in overdoses. 2021 was the highest number we gave ever seen, and we can directly correlate this to the Whitmer [and] Biden policies of having an open border. We know that drugs are pouring across our border every day. We have seen overdoses rise since this administration took office. It’s been devastating.” Dixon said.

In many debates, candidates go after sound bites that they can share on social media in an effort to push for votes and donations. Dixon, however, followed up her “sound bite” with an actual plan to help stem the tide of fetanyl in Michigan.

“If we have more officers on the streets, we can be preventing a lot more overdose deaths,” Dixon said. “I want to make sure we have the backs of our cops, and we invest in our cops, and we make sure that they have what they need to fight this horrible scourge on our country.”

Under Whitmer’s leadership, overdose deaths in the state have increased. According to Breitbart, “In 2018, the year before Whitmer took office, there were 2,599 drug overdose deaths in Michigan, according to government statistics. That number surged in 2021 as there were 3,040 deaths related to drug overdoses…there was a 9.3 percent increase in overdose deaths from 2020 to 2021.”

Whitmer has been in the lead for much of the race, oftentimes by double digits, but the most recent FiveThirtyEight polls has Dixon trailing by only five points.

One of Dixon’s biggest negatives to date is that she is just not as well-known as Whitmer, but with debate performances like she had Monday, she could end up surprising a lot of people in November.