Do You Think That Biden Is Helping The Taliban And China Controls Rare Earth Metals?

Once again, let us stipulate that Joe Biden remains president due to the Democrat Party machine that props him up. At this stage, it appears that his position as president serves as frontman for an international and scandalous organization that uses him to pass money between their agents and companies. 

Case in point, the legislative agenda of the Democrats includes a move to force the acceptance of laws that supposedly are designed to handle environmental changes due to artificial global warming. Let us set aside the scientific debate about the source, consequences, and solutions for these malleable climate change positions. 

Instead, let us ask cui bono? This Latin phrase for who benefits indicates that one must think about the result and follow the money when identifying crime suspects. Crimes are often committed to benefit their perpetrators financially. Joe and Hunter Biden have proven that they like making money through influence peddling and threats. 

In August, Biden agreed to drag the United States toward the far-reaching use of electric vehicles. It seems like a noble and innocent goal to most Americans. Most of us have become accustomed to recycling, green jobs, and environmentalism as legitimate policy prescriptions. 

The Biden-Harris administration will do everything in its power to make Tesla and all other types of EV more attractive to users, including tax incentives and rebates. But here’s the rub. These businesses need to acquire raw materials for the batteries and parts to construct and manufacture cars and trucks. 

The White House says it intends to make nearly half of vehicles sold in America electric by 2030. As of June, less than 4% of new vehicles bought by Americans were electric or hybrid. The $1 trillion budget passed by the Senate included $7.5 billion for new electric vehicle charging stations. 

For the US and European countries shifting to electric cars will require a massive amount of rare earth metals. These metals happen to be one of the major exports from Afghanistan, next to opium. Building hundreds of millions of battery-powered electric cars over the next 5-10 years 

Additionally, the Biden-Harris administration wants the US energy framework to become more dependent on wind and sun-based energy sources without recommendations for clean coal, gas, or nuclear energy. Of course, electric cars use power from the wall outlet, transmitted via wires from power stations which requires a source. This move toward green energy would fundamentally change the US economy, moving away from President Trump’s plan for energy independence. 

Here is where you must connect the dots. With the assistance of Mark Milley and Tony Blinken, the Biden-Harris administration has made a complete debacle of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. It left a huge opening for the Taliban to control the country and cozy up to their new best friends in Beijing. China has reached out to form diplomatic and economic relations with 7th-century terrorists. 

The Taliban knows it needs to keep money flowing to survive, but how can they do this?

When environmentalists make mining in the United States cost-prohibitive, businesses are forced to acquire goods from other sources such as Chinese businesses. China is by far the number one producer of rare earth metals. Additionally, like oil refining capabilities, processing rare earth metals is equally essential to extraction. And guess what, according to Reuters, China has 85% of the world’s processing capabilities for these materials.

Afghanistan is the home of $1 trillion in mineral stores, including the biggest lithium mine on earth. With Afghanistan changing hands, the Taliban could wind up becoming the security for mines run by China. Both will increase their wealth considerably. And this is all made possible by your friends in the Democrat Party.