Donald Trump ‘Backs’ Mo Brooks As The Uni-Party Hacks ‘Attack’ Him

The political establishment combines Democrats with ties to the Obama and Clinton Machines with RINO Republican pedophiles like the Lincoln Project. Groups associated with both arms of the uni-party of Democrats and Republican cronies are spending millions of dollars to take out Mo Brooks. The adversaries of someone might reveal a lot about them. If the establishment is against Brooks, you should support him.

This organization of all-around hacks is associated with political foundations and consultants who get rich while entrenching the statist agenda. Many are connected to Barack Obama and his apparatus currently operating the Democrat party from the wings. Also, the Lincoln Project, which unsuccessfully faked a White supremacist tiki-torch protest for Glenn Youngkin, is astroturfing opposition to Republican Representative Mo Brooks (AL). In Alabama, he is running for the United States Senate.

Brooks runs against Katie Britt, a made-for-TV villain whose claim to fame works as a United States Chamber of Commerce lobbyist. Also, Michael Durant, a Republican Author and US Armed force Special Operations pilot is running for the Senate seat, creating a chaotic three-way race.

Cherry Communications directed a recent poll of 600 Republicans who are likely to vote and found that Brooks has 33.7%, Britt gets 28.5%, and Durant would receive 24.4% of these votes, with 13% undecided.

Durant is seeing a surge of money pouring into negative media ads by Alabama Patriots PAC. This conservative political organization wants to forestall moderates and RINOs in Congress and the US Senate. Most of their income comes from America’s Promise, tied to Cisco Systems CEO and Chairman John Chambers. It shows how money determines the strings that pull on politicians and the way that conservative political action committees have begun to adjust their strategy. Rather than simply opposing Democrats, they have begun pushing more conservative candidates. Unfortunately, it is rare to see a truly Christian and conservative grassroots organization funded by small donors with this kind of political sway.

Chambers also funds the Republican National Committee (RNC). He has personally supported RINO Republican Representatives Peter Meijer (MI) and Adam Kinzinger (IL), as well as one of the most corrupt and duplicitous people in DC, Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK).

His money funds nonprofits under the umbrella of More Perfect Union (MPU). MPU is devoted to supporting moderates in the Senate. Chambers is determined to pass bills that deal with changes to the electoral process, Congressional rules, ethics, and campaign finance. He wants to make the Republican Party all RINO all the time, change the government structure to aid the statist cronies to take over, and make it harder for rock-ribbed conservatives to have a home in the GOP.

MPU is led by Jake Harriman, a US veteran connected to Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Harriman held a meeting in Alabama. He illustrated his plan to push moderates and centrists to swing votes inside the Senate Republican caucus. Zack Czajkowski is MPU’s political director. He recently worked for the Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project spent millions of dollars to unseat conservatives in House, Senate, and Governor races. Consultants rake in millions to fleece donors and destroy the nation.

It would affect people like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema running the country. Perfect Union seeks to alter the government to determine the range of public policies and alter the foundations of American morality. We must continue to fight for the GOP as our vehicle to enact conservative political policies.