Donald Trump Did Not Endorse Stacey Abrams Over Brian Kemp

When Donald Trump is on a roll, watch out! He often says the quiet part out loud and, in many cases, utters what we have all thought at some point. 

Worse, a known enemy is an unknown enemy who claims to be a friend only to sneak up behind you and stab you in the back. 

The betrayal we have seen play out time and time again are a RINO who is either so limp-wristed and weak or compromised and foolish that they support liberalism and pave the way to statism and totalitarian control. 

Trump said Georgia must replace Brian Kemp. We all should agree about this, but many establishment types will not. Trump said that even Stacey Abrams might be better than Kemp, which was simply a dig on Kemp, not an endorsement of Abrams, whom Trump has repeatedly attacked. 

The Donald Trump rally in Perry, GA, had plenty of fireworks. He was railing against people who have blocked his efforts to uphold election integrity and prevent fraud in the 2020 election. They stalled to the point where it was unfeasible for Trump to proceed with his challenge, and thus Joe Biden was ushered into the Whitehouse like seniors at Golden Corral for the AARP Sunday afternoon brunch specials. 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is a calamity. Georgia must remove him. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger also participated in the systematic cover-up of election misconduct in Atlanta. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is equally inept and lame.

Abrams is horrible, and we all know it, but the fact that Trump’s tongue-in-cheek statement about her becomes fodder for the moderate wing of the GOP tells you everything you need to know about them. Trump is done playing the GOP game of supporting our guy, and we will help you out. That was a lie he should have spotted on day one of his presidency in January of 2017. 

Trump’s tirade against Kemp leaves no question at all that Brian is the target of his negative PR campaign. He wants the Republicans to remove Kemp, an incumbent governor, during the primary before the election. Is that too much to ask? 

Trump communicates to the Georgia Republicans that we should compromise on principle in no form, shape, or fashion to allow Kemp to retain his position. Listen, moderate GOP consultants and #NeverTrump Republicans were pleased to abstain from voting when it came to Trump. He is simply returning the favor. 

It is a political game now. Depress the vote of your internal enemies. Trump understands that the rules have been changed to attack him, so he’s playing by these new rules. He supports the idea of disputing elections because he believes that if that were a part of our process, he would have won, and he believes that greater transparency would hurt Democrats. That makes sense. 

It would be nice to have changed the rules in favor of conservatives, but he was never really a strategic movement kind of guy. 

Trump mused, Stacey may want his spot, and that is alright. He means that if the GOP does not get its act together and kick Kemp out, it is in the interest of Republicans to stay home on election day, and if that means that Abrams gets elected, so be it. In Trump’s America, RINOs get booted one way or another. 

Control of the US Senate hung on Donald Trump’s election recount in Georgia. Moderate Republicans could not bear to support Trump and conservatives who would do the right thing. All that Loeffler and Perdue needed to do was back Trump, but this was against the orders of the Party bosses. So instead, they allowed Democrats Raphael Warnock to defeat Kelly Loeffler and Jon Ossoff to defeat David Perdue in the runoff election. How did electing liberal statistics help us?