Dr. Oz Will Test Trump’s Endorsement Dominance

Donald Trump went an astounding 55-0 this election cycle with his endorsements. Every single person he recommended in a primary election won. Even Mitt Romney took a break from stumping for a war with Russia to admit that Trump has firm control over the Republican party. He stated the obvious truth that the 2024 Presidential Nomination is Trump’s if he wants it.

Trump is not infallible, however. He has shown a disconnect with his base by bringing Johnson and Johnson big pharma executives to one of his rallies which resulted in a smattering of boos. Also, he has inexplicably endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania Republican primary for Senate.

The only plausible explanation is that Dr. Oz is a TV personality which Trump believes is more important than his well-documented anti-conservative views. The downside of being a TV personality is that everything you say is on tape. Even worse, when you run an episodic television program you can have entire episodes on controversial topics that run counter to mainstream Republican views.

Here is Dr. Oz worried about pro-life legislation.

Dr. Oz was a decade ahead of the current trend of promoting transgenderism for kids. He did an entire episode on transgender children in 2010. He has previously come out in favor of red flag laws for firearms with no or minimal due process. He is trying to walk it back like Beto is backtracking in Texas trying to say he does not want your AR-15s, but no one believes either of them.

Not to beat a dead horse but the man supports China-style lockdowns for Covid and has lived in Pennsylvania for about a year.

Dr. Oz’s popularity is cratering for all these reasons. If by some miracle he wins the primary, then Trump is truly unstoppable.