Drag Queen School Performer Defends Actions

Drag queen performances are becoming a common occurrence in schools and other children-related gatherings. Despite some parent pushback about a recent unapproved incident at a high school, the drag queen in question has fired back.

Ankeny High School in Iowa hosted a drag show where students were invited to come, despite parents not being notified. The school’s Gay Straight Alliance Club brought the drag queen performer to its final meeting of the year. Parents allegedly had no warning and no permission slips were sent home with the students.

Video clips of the controversial drag show incident started trending on the internet, putting pressure on the school to investigate. “Libs of TikTok,” a popular social media account, posted the disturbing videos. The internet soon began to buzz with varying opinions about children being exposed to such inappropriate performances.


The school released a statement on its Facebook page reading in part:

“The district has been made aware of an unauthorized performance that took place yesterday after school at Ankeny High School. While the GSA is an approved school club, this performance was not approved by the building administration and did not follow the correct protocols prior to the meeting. This performance was after school and localized to the students participating in the club. It was not approved by the building administration, and it is currently under investigation.”

Parents expressed their anger and distaste for the situation, but their feedback was not taken well by one of the performers.

Skyler Barning defended propagandizing school-age kids with drag and LGBTQ rhetoric and actions.

“To the parents that are accepting, thank you. To the parents that are not, please broaden your horizons,” Barning said.

“I just want them to realize that while the idea of drag is very taboo, there are places and shows meant for people under the age of 21,” he continued. “It is not always a sexual act; it can be positive and uplifting with a message behind it as well.”

However, the videos taken of the performance showed very inappropriately revealing outfits and sexual dance moves.

High school-age children are not the only age group being targeted. There has been a continuous push of drag shows on toddlers, elementary age children and middle school students across the country.


Despite parental pushback, the drag show trajectory toward children seems to continue to grow.