Drunk Passenger Attempts To Open Airplane Door Mid-Flight, Sparking Brawl And Arrest

A British traveler’s drunken antics on an Jet flight from London to Spain led to a mid-flight brawl, an attempt to open an airplane door, and ultimately, his arrest upon landing.

The 28-year-old man, who was not identified, reportedly boarded the plane already intoxicated and became increasingly drunk due to the effects of altitude during the flight to Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernandez Airport. His belligerent behavior, which included insulting other passengers, sparked a fight on board.

When crew members tried to break up the altercation, the man allegedly hit them as well, forcing the workers to restrain him. As the plane approached its destination, the inebriated passenger, apparently unaware that the aircraft was still in the air, tried to open a door in an effort to “get off quicker.”

This incident is reminiscent of a similar case in China, where a 65-year-old first-time flyer named Mr. Song opened an emergency door on a Shandong Airlines flight in an attempt to exit the plane faster. Mr. Song was arrested and given a 10-day administrative detention for putting public safety at risk.

In the easyJet incident, the pilot was forced to notify the control tower and report the situation to Civil Guard police as the plane landed. The British man was arrested upon arrival, though the specific charges he faces were not immediately clear.

Both cases highlight the dangers posed by unruly and intoxicated passengers on flights and underscore the importance of following proper aircraft regulations and respecting the authority of crew members to ensure the safety and security of all on board.