Early Polls Are In For DeSantis In His Election Campaign And Republicans Are ‘Pumped’

Very few people remember that Governor DeSantis defeated his Democratic opponent in the 2018 Florida Governor’s race by a measly .04 percent. Florida elections for Governor are historically very close, with 2018 being the third time in a row the winner only prevailed by 2 percent or less. However, you would not know it with the recent early polling for his upcoming re-election.

The Hill recently reported that DeSantis leads all potential democratic challengers by a substantial margin, with the closest competitor being former Governor Charlie Crist, who trails by nine percentage points. Besides the fact that former Governors have not been fairing very well lately, I am talking to you, Terry McAuliffe. DeSantis seems to be hitting his stride at the right time.

The Florida Governor was an early adopter of banning COVID mandates. The media pilloried him mercilessly for this decision, but time has proved him right. Florida outperformed the states with draconian measures on most metrics. Now that public opinion has turned to getting back to normal and abandoning things like vaccine passports, DeSantis aligns with most Americans.

The only thing that may derail the Governor is a possible presidential run. Although Trump is still the presumptive nominee if he runs (and we all know he is running), early polling suggests that DeSantis is within striking distance and could give 45 a run for his money. The media has been trying to run stories that there is a rift between the Governor and Trump, but both men have downplayed that reporting.

DeSantis is the GOP choice for the post-Trump era. The only question is will DeSantis wait until 2028 or agree to become a vice-presidential candidate and heir apparent. Given his ego, it is hard to see him doing that, but strange times call for strange measures, and the electorate is experiencing massive change. Two years is a lifetime, and DeSantis might be President in the next election.