El Paso Bulldozed Illegal Alien Encampments Before Biden Visit

Local authorities in El Paso bulldozed illegal alien homeless encampments to get them out of sight before President Joe Biden made his first-ever border visit.

According to the Washington Examiner, El Paso police officers and federal Border Patrol agents moved hundreds of illegal aliens camped on individual blocks surrounding the Greyhound Bus Station and Sacred Heart Church out of eyesight.

A senior federal agent wrote in a text message to the Examiner that the situation at the encampments was getting bad and fed-up residents were beginning to voice their concerns.

“Crime was getting bad and many residents were complaining. Some migrants even took over private parking lots and were charging for people to use them for parking,” the agent said.


Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Fox News that President Biden’s Sunday visit to the border will not change anything and may even make things worse. Patrick said Biden’s expanded parole program that grants work visas to 360,000 people a year would exasperate the crisis at the border.

Patrick held Biden’s visit in contrast to President Donald Trump’s and concluded that Biden doesn’t want to know what is going on at the border. Patrick added that Trump wanted to learn more about how to fix the border.


“This president doesn’t want to know what’s going on,” Patrick said of Biden. “He didn’t see any illegal immigrants. They cleaned up and sanitized El Paso before he got there. It was another tour stop at El Paso like Kamala Harris took.”

President Biden came under fire in December after he said there were more important things to him than visiting the border. Biden made the remark after a reporter asked him why he was visiting a border state and not visiting the border.