Election Denier Stacey Abrams Called Out Over Latest Claims

For all the denials issued by Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams over the past four years, her latest might be her best. Now candidate Abrams said she “never denied” that she lost the 2018 race for Georgia governor to Republican Brian Kemp.

Appearing on ABC’s “The View,” Abrams was asked by co-host Sunny Hostin if she felt that this year’s election will be “free and fair” after not traditionally conceding the 2018 race.

It was then that Abrams went on the warpath.

Insisting that she’s “not delusional,” the 2018 loser said that she never denied that she lost. She also pointed out that she’s aware that she does not currently reside in the governor’s mansion.

Abrams also referred to a video clip making its rounds showing her saying that “we won.” The candidate then explained that she meant that communities that were normally left out of the process participated in greater numbers.

Which, of course, flew directly into the face of her next assertion that the “election was not fair to voters.” On the one hand you get record turnout, but on the other there was voter suppression.

The Republican National Committee had a field day with Abrams’ denial of being in denial. It took no time to put together a lengthy tape of the Democratic candidate saying many times that she had in fact won.

Time after time, Abrams answered questions, looked into the cameras, and declared that her campaign did not lose in 2018. Many instances of her saying that the election was not “free and fair” made the film, and in the face of her statements on The View looked rather silly.

Stacey Abrams spent the last four years denying the results of the 2018 Georgia governor’s race. There is no wordplay that will change what she has repeatedly said, as the RNC so skillfully pointed out. Abrams denying that she was in denial is simply more denial, and no one is buying it.