Elon Headed To Eagle Pass Border To Blast Biden

Elon Musk is headed to Eagle Pass, Texas, soon, and he’s not being shy about calling Joe Biden out for not doing his job in the small border town.

The Biden Administration has faced harsh criticism across several facets of the border chaos. Biden’s insistence on keeping it open for asylum-seekers has garnered much negative attention as he continues to claim far smaller numbers of illegal immigrants are coming into the U.S. than is true.

The reception hasn’t been warm for Biden’s ignorance as Texas continues to call for relief of the situation while attempting to manage his Admin’s fueling of the problem.

Elon is probably concerned — like the rest of us — that the U.S. is in rough enough shape to begin with. Thus, we are not in the position to fork over continued handouts to illegal immigrants who don’t want to make use of the legal avenues for immigration and U.S. citizenry we have available in this nation. Should we be bending the rules for them?

Few are clear on what comes next from Elon, or what he thinks he can do in Eagle Pass — besides Tweet about it. It also doesn’t appear as though Elon is overly concerned about the Administration’s alleged distaste for him.

The situation has grown dire in this tiny border town of under 30,000 people, which has become a hotspot for illegal immigration. Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas has blasted Biden for allowing this disaster to continue, noting, “I believe 100% he does bear some responsibility for this crisis.”

But, not everyone is a fan of Salinas either. Many people living in border states feel their government policymakers haven’t done all that they can to curtail the issue.

With an estimated 10,000 illegal immigrants entering through Eagle Pass alone in just 24 hours, does the average American really believe that we can sustain numbers like this every day for the foreseeable future? Take this poll and find out for yourself.