Elon Musk Proposes Major Changes to Twitter in His Quest to Buy It

Twitter started out like many other social media giants. In the early days it accomplished what it set out to do. In the beginning of the platform people were able to express pretty much whatever they wanted. Over time Twitter became authoritarian in the views it amplified and suppressed. Gone are the days of free speech, just like gone are the quaint days of people putting pictures of their food on Facebook and connecting with people from high school.

The tech oligarchs in charge now use social media like Twitter to push whatever the accepted narrative of the moment is. Disagree with the phrase ‘safe and effective’ on Twitter and you can expect your account to be suspended. Argue against the prevailing Putin bad messaging blasting across the internet and you can find yourself straight out banned. The platform is no longer about debate or searching for the truth if it ever was.

The current board of directors holds less than 5 of the outstanding shares total, their role being more ideological than business driven. Therefore, few people are surprised that they have been spurning Elon Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter at a premium. Musk is proposing changes to Twitter that would alter its current form and decrease the power of the people in charge.

Notably he has been trying to reintroduce free speech back to the platform. This would impact the echo chamber that is the social media landscape. Dissenting views from the narrative are not tolerated and reintroducing them would make for a healthy debate. Many conservative thought leaders have left the platform so it would be interesting to see if they would return. The free speech ship may have sailed on Twitter even if Musk changes the current policies. There are some other changes he is proposing.

If normal people were able to get the famed blue checkmark it would reduce the impact of bots because you would know if a real person was behind the discussion. Trending topics would be more organic in nature, and you may be able to find out what the public really is thinking about. Musk purchasing Twitter would be a good thing, and even if it does not happen it is entertaining to watch.