English City Of Bradford Goes Woke With Inclusive Tree

The West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’s Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Business Committee announced that there is no room for a Christmas tree in Bradford, England this year. Instead, the city will reveal a “multi-faith festive tree” that will appeal to all religions and ethnic backgrounds based on inclusiveness.

According to the latest census, over a third of the city’s population is now ethnically diverse. That was not the only dramatic change to the city’s makeup.

Those who identified themselves as Christians were 33.4%, which is down from the previous 45.9%. While the Christian population decreased, the Muslim community increased to 30.5%, up from 24.7% a decade earlier.

The tree is to be unveiled in a launching ceremony attended by representatives of various faith groups and cultural representatives from the city. The Christmas tree will also accompany the festive one to cater to the Christian community.

Committee chairwoman Nasreen Karim announced the decision and shared her excitement for the launch.

“The whole purpose of the BAME Business Committee was to ensure that all diverse businesses were being represented by the Chamber,” she said, “to ensure all voices were being heard.”

Saleem Kader came up with the idea for the “multi-faith festive tree.” Kader is also a board member of the Chamber’s BAME Business Committee. She stated that she wanted the tree to represent “the power of multiculturalism.”

“We want to bring communities together,” said Karim. “This tree encompasses that. It’s an opportunity for not just the business community but the community at large to celebrate the tapestry of our vibrant community, especially during a time of world conflicts.”

While Karim and Kareem see this as an opportunity to bring “communities together,” it appears to have the opposite effect.

The idea of a “multi-faith festive tree” had some residents questioning why other faiths had to put their beliefs aside for others for the sake of inclusiveness.