Ernst: ‘Don’t Know What President Biden Is Thinking’ By Relying On Taliban

During Fox News Channel’s talk show, Senator Joni Ernst blasted comments about Biden for having negotiated with the Taliban for the safety of American citizens in Afghanistan. In the aftermath of a messed-up withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, Afghan allies and US citizens remain stranded on the grounds of Afghanistan and their only hope. The remaining US troops have now also withdrawn entirely on August 31st. Ernst had a lot to say about Biden’s shameless act on national television.

According to Ernst, Biden’s decision to entrust the Taliban’s radical Islamist organization is absolutely ‘ludicrous.’ She used the term multiple times while calling out Biden for his stupidity. She stated that Biden is ready to trust the same Taliban that once provided a haven to Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization responsible for 911 precisely two decades ago. Ernst said that the US should comply with the Taliban to help the Afghan allies and US citizens escape Afghanistan.

The host of the talk show Julie Banderas agreed with Ernst, asking when the US put their faith in the Taliban. And rightfully so, a terrorist organization against which thousands of US troops had been deployed in Afghanistan for what seemed like an endless war, putting faith in them and entrusting them with the lives of Americans is indeed ludicrous.

Ernst continued that the US should not have left behind its citizens in the first place and expressed feelings of remorse at how Biden could let the country fall into the occupation of the Taliban that quickly. She remembered the sacrifice of the US forces and lamented the death of the 13 people at Kabul Airport during their efforts to carry out an emergency evacuation.