European Nations Face Encroachment From Brussels

Warnings are being heard from public representatives about a new European superstate forming as the European Union’s (EU) Parliament seeks further control over its member states. The warnings come after a recent conference about Europe’s future in which recommendations were made that troubled many.

One Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Cristian Terhes, explained to Breitbart reporters the serious encroachments being discussed in the meeting, the “Conference of the Future of Europe.” He warned that,“The Conference for the Future of Europe is a political sausage maker hoping to turn the European Union into a new Soviet Union.”

The warning comes on the heels of a new agreement that has been made in the European Parliament to lean on social media companies, forcing them to increase censorship of information and material deemed “harmful” by the European bureaucrats.

Terhes continued, “The most important thing is for the European citizens to know that any vote for any party that supports this Conference is a vote against their constitution, their sovereignty, their rights and liberties, and their dignity.”

As Europe claims to support democracy in Ukraine, it seems that member countries will need to push back if they want to retain it for themselves.