Evil: Kamala Harris Defends Abortion On Viable Babies

Vice President Kamala Harris is desperate to justify her position and regain whatever credibility she once had. Her border responsibilities were an abject failure, so now she hitched her wagon to a different political cause — abortion.

But, as Harris so brilliantly explained on Thursday, her views are on the radical fringe even for mainstream Democrats. She believes in the right to abort an unborn child no matter their viability.

In Harris’ perfect world, there should be no laws concerning abortion. Period.

Interviewed by Milwaukee’s TMJ4 News, the vice president was asked specifically about fetal viability. Reporter Charles Benson questioned Harris on Minnesota’s previous 20-week abortion ban.

Her response was more than telling.

Harris slammed the Supreme Court for taking “a constitutional right that had been recognized from the women of America.” She then added that women should be trusted to make decisions “in their own best interests.”

Using this logic, the unborn child does not even exist. Harris explained further that “the government should not be telling women what to do with their bodies.”

In a separate interview with “ABC News Live Prime,” the vice president criticized the growing number of states restricting or prohibiting abortion. Harris singled out Iowa as one that, in her opinion, doesn’t trust women to make the proper decision.

Iowa last month became the latest to institute a six-week abortion ban. The law is designed to prohibit the procedures when a fetal heartbeat may be detected.

The law is currently on hold. A state judge halted its enforcement to allow the court to hear arguments concerning the Iowa Constitution.

Echoing the Biden White House, Harris called for Congress to pass a law codifying the abortion law supported by Roe v. Wade. If this law were then signed by the president, it would prevent states from enacting their own restrictions and nullify those already passed.

Of course, the chances of that happening are nil with Republicans in charge of the House.

Carol Tobias of National Right to Life blasted Harris’ comments, affirming that abortion “is not healthcare.” She declared the vice president guilty of repeating “the lie that pro-life laws are preventing treatment for women who have had or are having miscarriages.”