Ex-Convict Attacks A NYPD Police Officer Again, Walks Free With No Bail

Many are wondering now what it takes to get a convict in jail because attacking a cop and that top for the second time just doesn’t cut it. 38-year-old Isus Thompson assaulted 30-year-old Kyo Sun Lee, an NYPD officer. Around 1:30 am on Sunday, Isus swung a backpack and struck the officer in the head. The bag used by Thompson carried a metal safe, a DVD player, and some adult DVDs. He was also carrying a box-cutter.

More intriguing is that Thompson pleaded guilty for attempted murder back in 2008 after stabbing a cop. Though the officer did not face any serious injuries thanks to the bullet-proof vest, Thompson only served two years out of a five-year sentence for that attack. Police Commissioner of NYPD Dermot Shea was unhappy about the recent attack and showed remorse over the ruling as Thompson got released without bail. He was charged with a felony and resisting arrest, weapon possession, and harassment, which are strong enough for the judge to impose bail, but he didn’t set any, and neither did the prosecutor.

Thompson walked out of jail like a freeman, shoving ‘systemic racism’ in the judicial system in our faces. A man with attempted murder and two years jail time just walked out of the court, this time again for an attack that could’ve resulted in murder. The first cop Thompson attacked back in 2008 also expressed remorse over the issue, saying he could’ve died that night.

A judge in Seattle had set low bail for thugs who had ambushed a police officer until a judge re-set the bail to $500,000 after one of the men had fired 15 rounds at the police officer. Just a little view of our justice system in front of systemic racism.