Expert Accuses China of Forced Organ ‘Harvesting’ in Concentration Camps

A global expert on the horrific practice of organ harvesting detailed to Congress Thursday that there are as many as 50,000 victims in Chinese camps each year.

Ethan Gutmann of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation testified to atrocities committed against ethnic minorities by China. His decades of work are chronicled in multiple books he’s authored, and he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

Dr. Enver Tohti, a surgeon from East Turkestan, described to Congress being forced to harvest organs from a political prisoner in 1995. He later fled China and now lives in the U.K.

The hearing was the work of Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), the chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. He and other members of Congress learned of the targeting of religious and ethnic minorities roughly 28 years old. This is considered by the establishment as the “ideal” age for “donors.”

Chinese Communists do not deny the existence of up to 1,000 of the camps in its western region of occupied East Turkestan. They claim, however, that the ethnic Uyghurs kept there are merely receiving “vocational training.”

China’s persecution of state-condemned members of society, be they Falun Gong followers or Tibetan traditionalists, is hardly debatable. Both the House and European Parliament in recent years passed resolutions condemning China for harvesting organs from dissidents.

Just last year, a gathering of U.N. independent experts declared they have “credible information” that certain Chinese minorities in detention must submit to tests. These persons undergo blood tests along with ultrasounds and x-rays, and results are allegedly entered into an organ database.

Even more recently, the Australian National University released research findings last month detailing “evidence strongly suggesting” the ongoing practice. It alleges Chinese surgeons at state and military hospitals execute political prisoners and death row inmates by heart removal.

Official Chinese records, meanwhile, state the prisoners are brain-dead at the time of the surgeries.

The description “open secret” may be used to describe the Communist Chinese practice of organ harvesting. It’s not that civilized nations are unaware. Perhaps it’s just that diplomacy must continue, trade must flourish, and it’s easier to worry about using correct pronouns.