Explosive Epstein Records May Be Hidden With The FBI

A noted internet investigator claims that the FBI is hiding explosive evidence on secret records concerning dead human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein — and a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was denied.

The FBI, already embattled while losing the trust of a large swath of Americans, is increasingly seen as being enabled by leftist liberals and becoming a weaponized government agency.

The investigator, known online as Techno Fog and a self-described attorney and writer, alleged that the FOIA request was rejected, thus meaning the FBI is hiding something. He is a well-known online detective who has over 400,000 Twitter followers and a popular Substack column.

The request called for any records of interviews the FBI had done with Epstein. In a tweet, Techno Fog said the FBI was asked for the interview transcripts with the now-deceased sex trafficker.

The FBI’s response, according to the investigator, was that providing the records would “interfere with law enforcement proceedings.” The conclusion reached was that either the agency was not being truthful or “something is up.”

Before his apparent suicide while incarcerated, Epstein was well known among the rich and powerful for keeping underage girls on his private island and mingling them with his impressive list of friends. That list included former President Bill Clinton.

Epstein died in the Manhattan Correctional Center while being held in 2019 on sex trafficking charges.

The only person to face charges in the horrific case was his longtime friend Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted last year of providing girls for him and his associates. Maxwell is serving 20 years in prison on child sex trafficking charges.

But that’s the extent of it. No one else who participated in the crimes ever faced charges or has seen the inside of a cell.

Techno Fog wrote that Maxwell is incarcerated and Epstein is dead. It is highly doubtful in his opinion that the release of the FBI conversations would “interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

He said in his Substack column that it is his suspicion that the FOIA request was denied because the FBI and Epstein worked together on other occasions. He also considered the rejection a tacit acknowledgement that other records exist.

The Epstein case is a sordid saga that deserves more light than it is getting. The principal perpetrator is dead and his cohort behind bars, but there are undoubtedly many who participated and who also deserve jail time but are still walking free.