Fact Check: Biden Overseeing Large Spike In Border Crossings

Security along the border with Mexico has deteriorated significantly under the watch of President Joe Biden, despite strong assertions from Biden and his team otherwise. The number of border crossings reached an all-time high during Biden’s tenure.

The Biden White House has attempted to frame its record as one of success on border issues. However, these arguments are often not supported by statistics.

Since Biden took office in January 2021, there have been 5.5 million crossings from Mexico. This includes an 11% increase in such crossings, to more than 200,000 in December 2022 alone.

The number of encounters between law enforcement and migrants has more than doubled on average from the start of the Biden administration.

Since Jan. 1 approximately 4,300 Chinese nationals have crossed into the United States, more than double all of last year.

The administration’s effort to frame itself as tough on immigration measures is contradicted by its own policy. The Biden White House made it easier for 300,000 migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, and Venezuela to stay in the country legally.

Many Republicans are concerned about a recent surge of new migrants. In particular, there has been a particular increase in Chinese nationals attempting to cross into the United States.

The number of Chinese migrants entering the country in 2023 is already double that of the entirety of 2022.

One point the administration focuses on is the number of people stopped at the border. It is true that the capture of those crossing the border has increased. However, the wider context paints a much less rosy picture.

The Biden administration has seen a large increase in those apprehended by Customs and Border Protection in large part because of a much larger wave of those crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

A program the Biden White House used to parole more than a million illegal immigrants was recently struck down in federal court.

The court rejected the Biden administration’s use of Title 42 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 which allowed for a significant release of illegal immigrants within American borders.