Fauci And Obama Are Promoting Vaccines Among Children

Mayor Joe Alioto was going to visit San Francisco elementary school in 1969-1970, and there was a lot of excitement. It was a dull visit since everyone knew politicians weren’t supposed to indoctrinate youngsters at the time. There are no such barriers anymore, at least not in Washington, D.C., where Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci joined together to promote immunizations at an elementary school.

On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauci visited a vaccination clinic in Washington, D.C., to encourage children to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine. Obama said he despised getting shots. But he does it because it will help him maintain his health. At Kimball Elementary School, the former first couple surprised students and their parents.

It wasn’t only celebrities urging children to get vaccinated against a disease that offers little risk to them. The fact that the vaccine’s effects wear off after a few months adds to the temptation to obtain boosters, boosters, and boosters. No, it didn’t matter that the parents were also present. It was a children’s sales presentation.

There is no information on the immunizations’ long-term effects on children, although there are significant rates of adverse responses in general, ranging from painful arms to death. Vaccines saved lives in the pre-modern age, but it’s unclear whether they’re saving lives now. As a pro-vaccine supporter, I wonder what is going on when government officials refuse to consider cures and begin promoting children directly. Do you want your child to be the one to figure out the vaccine’s safety margins?