Fauci Denies Veracity Of Report Linking Pandemic Origins To Lab

On Friday’s episode of “CNN Tonight,” White House Chief Medical Advisor and Director of NIAID Dr. Anthony Fauci said he hasn’t “carefully” assessed the interim report released by the minority oversight staff of the Senate Health Committee.

“Unfortunate” was how Fauci described the report’s conclusion that the source of the pandemic was a “research-related incident.”

“I know there are still lots of questions about the origin of COVID, ” began host Jake Tapper. “And obviously, the Chinese government has not exactly been transparent. So, it’s difficult to assess what happened. There is a new interim report out from the top Republican on the Senate Health Committee.”

“It’s an interim report, and it’s not from the Intelligence Committee, and it’s just from one party, not unanimous, not bipartisan. But this report does say that the COVID-19 pandemic was, ‘more likely than not, the result of a research-related incident.’ Have you seen the report? What is your reaction?” he asked.

“Well, I haven’t read it carefully. I’ve skimmed through it,” Fauci responded, amazingly.

He then questioned the veracity of the entire report.

“But I can tell you, Jake, that it’s really unfortunate because there are at least two very important, peer-reviewed, scientific publications most recently that completely diverge from the conclusions that came out in the report to which you’re referring.”

Fauci then felt the need to assure the publications’ credibility.

“These are studies that were done, published in high-ranked journals, Science journal, the medical journal, by a group of evolutionary virologists who just completely disagree with the conclusions that came out of the report that you just mentioned.”

Were these the same “high-ranked scientific publications” that led you to contradict yourself, lying to the entire nation in the process, about the efficacy of cloth masks against Covid-19?

Anthony Fauci is the same guy who once said that wearing not one, but two, masks was “common sense.”