Fauci Is Lying Through His Teeth Once Again

During 2020 and 2021, Americans heard enough from White House adviser Anthony Fauci to last a lifetime. Fauci repeatedly went back on his previous COVID-19 guidance, thereby contradicting himself on numerous occasions.

The infectious diseases expert first raised red flags when it came to his rhetoric on face masks. First, Fauci clearly stated that masks were ineffective and no one should be wearing them. Shortly thereafter, he flipped and said people must wear masks and pressed the government to mandate them.

Later, it came out from Fauci himself that his original advice against masks was part of a plan to save medical supplies for healthcare workers.

Even outside of lying about face masks, Fauci has sided with leftist governors over Republican ones every single time, even when the latter had better outcomes. Now, he has the audacity to claim his oversight of COVID-19 didn’t have political undertones.

More Lies From Fauci
Over the weekend, Fauci sat down for an interview with ABC News. During this segment, the White House adviser was questioned about what he believes to be the greatest public misconception about himself.

To this end, Fauci alleged the greatest misconception is that he’s political and dishonest. The White House adviser denied this criticism by noting his previous work under more than half of a dozen presidents.

Yet, Fauci didn’t talk about how he praised then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), even after Cuomo forced seniors with COVID-19 to be placed into nursing homes.

At the same time, leaked emails showed Fauci ripping into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), even when DeSantis’ oversight of COVID-19 had fewer per capita virus cases than New York. This is one of many reasons why Fauci is perceived to be political.

Later, ABC News asked Fauci about his flip-flop on mask guidelines. To this end, Fauci admitted that he’d “analyze” this matter differently if given the opportunity.

Not Buying It
No matter what Fauci says, he was both political and dishonest. Failing to acknowledge the efforts of Republican governors, while heaping praise onto Democratic ones is deeply politically charged.

Aside from masks and partisanship, Fauci is also on the hook for lying about gain-of-function research and demanding for children to take COVID-19 vaccine boosters without any evidence of these boosters helping children.

Republican lawmakers have already vowed that upon taking back the House of Representatives, one of the first orders of business will be a formal investigation of Fauci.