FBI Finally Moves to Investigate Violent Attacks on Pro-Life Centers

The FBI announced Friday that it is ready to investigate attacks on pro-life organizations as potential acts of domestic terrorists extremists. Late was looking a lot like never, but finally numerous cases of vandalism and even firebombings will get federal attention.

Over 100 House GOP members called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate what are obvious acts of domestic terrorism. Sixteen senators, all Republicans, did the same.

The Bureau said it is “investigating a series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers and faith-based organizations.” The public is urged to provide tips, and there are already rather obvious clues.

Jane’s Revenge is a known radical group that advocates and carries out acts of violence. It publicly claimed responsibility for increasingly dangerous attacks on Christian-based organizations and declared “open season” on the “infrastructure of the enslavers.”

The extremist group posted a manifesto on its website just days ago admitting to everything and promising more.

It calls attacking these organizations “easy and fun.” In some cultures this is known as a “profile” and treated as “evidence.”

Pro-abortion radicals have carried out three firebombings in New York, Wisconsin, and Oregon. New York’s Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul courageously took a stand, earmarking an additional $35 million to fund heightened security — for abortion clinics.

There have been over 20 attacks or cases of vandalism on pro-life centers and offices in recent weeks. It all came after the unprecedented leak of a draft decision to overturn Roe v. Wade on May 2.

For perspective, consider when a supposed “noose” was found hanging in the garage of Black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. That was Sunday, June 21, 2020. The next day, no less than 15 FBI special agents conducted interviews regarding the discovery.

By midweek, the investigation was over and results were announced.

That was one alleged incident that was not what even what it was made out to be. Firebombings and vandalism against faith-based groups happened in several states over six weeks before an FBI response was deemed necessary.

Domestic terrorism, by anyone of any political persuasion, must be aggressively pursued for the sake of the republic. Playing favorites and deciding some victims are more deserving of protection than others is dangerous and must stop.