‘Fear’ Of SJWs Reaction Boxes In The White House On ‘Firing’ Becerra

The Washington Post reports that the White House is frustrated with the Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra’s COVID response. It is no secret that the public’s assurance in all the institutions responsible for dealing with the pandemic has plummeted. One reason for this is the continual moving of the goalposts on masks, school closures, and about every other metric associated with COVID-19.

The Biden Administration attempts to lay the blame squarely on Becerra’s shoulders. Still, it is being hamstrung by their fear of the Hispanic Caucus and other special interest groups. In a classic life by the sword die by the sword moment, the maniacal focus on race and diversity as a foundational requirement for every decision limit the President’s options.

For the left, competence at one’s job is far down the list regarding political calculations. It would be a much more controllable situation if the Administration could point to Becerra’s failed record and make a change. That is not the world they have created for themselves, however. Certain special interest groups do not care about their constituents. They only care about keeping the right type of people in power.

The President has an upcoming confirmation fight on his hands to add insult to injury. It is unlikely he would want to do anything to muddy the political waters. Trying to confirm a new Health and Human Services appointee is also not a great look while COVID cases continue to spike across the nation.

Biden is in a tough spot no matter what he does. Americans have pandemic fatigue, and a change in leadership at HHS will only continue to draw attention to the Administration’s failed efforts. Better to bail water than get a new ship at this point.