Federal Court Makes Biden Eat Crow Yet Again

Earlier this year, Joe Biden came out swinging with COVID vaccine mandates. Despite his administration previously admitting implementing nationwide medical mandates isn’t the place of the government, Biden tried it anyway.

He announced that workers who refused to kiss the ring and get the jab would be fired from their jobs. Biden also stated his mandate applied to businesses with at least 100 workers.

It came before he revealed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would be responsible for upholding the mandate and fining businesses that fail to comply.

Well, several weeks ago, at this point, the 5th Circuit of the Federal Appeals Court shut this down with an injunction against the mandate. As RedState reports, Biden tried to get around the 5th Circuit’s block, yet ultimately failed.

The White House is furious about Biden’s vaccine mandate being held up in the legal system. Because this administration is more than eager to control the healthcare decisions of everyone in this nation, they tried to get around the 5th Circuit order.

Biden did this by submitting a transfer motion to hold the litigation in a different court. The president made an apparent attempt to get this mandate in front of a legal body that would be more than happy to let it pass.

However, the 6th Circuit told Biden no. The transfer motion was denied, and the injunction of the 5th Circuit still stands. Like many Republicans, conservatives, and other groups noted, the 46th president does not have the authority to pass sweeping COVID vaccine mandates.

When Republicans first spoke out against Biden’s announced mandate and promised legal action, the president laughingly said, “have at it.”

He’s not laughing now, though. This administration has attempted every which way to get around the blocks on their COVID vaccine mandate. Not one attempt has rendered success.

In America, people have the right to determine the medical choices in their best interests. The federal government does not have the right to step in and threaten people’s jobs if they don’t take a vaccine.

Americans must continue to stand up to Biden. Every time this president tries to pull off something illegal, he needs to be taken to court accordingly. No one should comply with these mandates, either.

At this point, patriots must continue to push back and never allow Democrats to erode freedoms in the nation. Biden once arrogantly claimed his medical mandates are on legal grounds. However, time after time, the courts have determined otherwise.