Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Deportation Changes

In Ohio, a federal judge has blocked the Biden administration’s deportation rule changes that were issued last year and which have massively hindered U.S. immigration authorities from removing illegal migrants from the country.

A preliminary injunction was issued by U.S. District Court Judge Michael J. Newman on Tuesday. It reverses the deportation limits that ordered ICE agents to restrict their actions only to those immigrants who crossed into the country after November 2020, and who are “national security threats” or pose a danger to the “public safety.” The injunction applies throughout the country.

Implemented in September, the Biden administration’s new restrictions protected more than 10 million illegal immigrants from deportation. Within months, ICE deportation numbers dropped to the lowest levels seen in decades.

The administration insisted that these measures help ICE agents to prioritize the apprehension of dangerous illegal migrants who pose a direct threat. However, reports indicate that these high-risk migrant deportations have also fallen.

Judge Newman, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, backed the GOP officials in Ohio, Montana and Arizona who sued to overrule the Biden administration’s rule changes, according to a Washington Post report. After studying the case, Newman came to the conclusion that this administration’s new deportation priority system has failed to exert legislative intent, defied federal policymaking rules and even placed an extra burden on the states’ budgets.

Newman further explained that the states believe the Department of Homeland Security has violated immigration regulations passed by Congress by issuing a system where only certain high-risk immigrants are prioritized for deportation.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich shared Judge Newman’s ruling against the Biden administration on his twitter, along with some encouraging words.

One of the best takes on this issue came from Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. He highlighted the absurdity of the entire situation, citing his amazement that a court order is even necessary to make the Department of Homeland Security “do its job.” Yost added, “but that’s what it’s come to with this lawless administration.”