Felon Freed By Pro-Criminal Virginia Prosecutor Commits Double Murder

A Virginia gun felon who had new gun and drug charges dropped by a progressive pro-criminal prosecutor in February has gone on to murder two innocent victims.

According to police in Alexandria, Virginia, Francis Rose shot two innocent bystanders, each in the head, while robbing an apartment complex. That crime occurred last month after Rose was released from jail by Democrat Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti.

Rose was in jail at the time after being arrested in October 2020 for illegally possessing a firearm and possessing cocaine and fentanyl with intent to distribute. At the time of that arrest, Rose was on probation for a firearms conviction in neighboring Washington, D.C.

The murders allegedly committed by Rose came as part of a pattern of northern Virginia “progressive” prosecutors enabling repeat offenses by violent felons. Fairfax County’s top elected prosecutor, Democrat Steve Descano, recently released three offenders facing gun charges who went on to commit murder.

Dehghani-Tafti and Descano received over $600,000 in campaign donations from a PAC funded by globalist megadonor George Soros. Like other prosecutors who have been elected around the country with support from Soros, both ended cash bail in their jurisdictions and pressed for lower incarceration rates for felons.

Republican Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares told reporters that last month’s double murders were “senseless and tragic.” He pointed out that it has always been true that the “vast majority of violent crime is committed by the same repeat offenders.”

The two men killed by Rose were Adrian de Jesus Rivera Guzman and his stepson, Juan Carlos Anaya Hernandez. Both victims were landscape workers in the community after escaping the gangland violence running rampant in El Salvador.

Until February, Rose was being held after a traffic stop revealed he was in possession of a handgun, fentanyl, and cocaine. A judge issued a ruling that the search conducted by officers was not legally permissible because the gun and drugs were attached to Rose rather than the car he was driving.

Rather than appeal that decision, Dehghani-Tafti dismissed the charges against Rose and publicly criticized the officers involved in the case.

Dehghani-Tafti’s staff prosecutors apparently felt the arrest was proper and had praised their work in the case, according to the Arlington Coalition of Police. They felt strongly enough that they pressed for Rose to be held in the county jail for more than a year as he awaited trial.

Rose is scheduled to appear in an Arlington County court in October on the two charges of second-degree murder.