First Anti-Feminist President Elected in South Korea, Media Meltdown Ensues

The conservative People Power Party’s Yoon Suk-yeol emerged as the winner of the presidential election in South Korea. Yoon openly campaigned on an anti-feminist platform and demanded the eradication of the Ministry of Gender Equality, which he believes treats men like “potential rapists and sex criminals.” And the mainstream media is certainly not happy with the election results.

Yoon believes that feminism and Marxist ideologies are creating a gap between women and men, leading to unhealthy relationships. He wants the abolishment of the Ministry of Gender Equality, blaming inequality on the impact of the ministry. Yoon’s claims were backed by a 2021 poll, which pointed to 84% of South Korean males in their 20s, and 83% in their 30s, have faced gender based discrimination.

Yoon also said that the punishment for false accusations of sexual crimes will get more severe.

The Washington Post published a piece on South Korea’s “anti-feminist” elections, predicting that it will cause a gender war where feminist movements will face further social and government opposition over the next 5 years.

The Guardian argued that the election results were an “important moment” for discussing women’s issues more openly.

None of these reports actually talk about the realities in South Korea, including shorter life expectancy for Korean men, in addition to a higher occupational death rate and suicide rate. Furthermore, the number of men enrolling in universities is also less when compared to women in South Korea. And a dating violence survey clearly indicates that male university students face more violence from abusive partners.

The reaction to Yoon’s victory clearly shows how the media is constantly misinterpreting the gender equality debate. They often dismiss the vital concerns of male voters, calling them misogynistic or childish. They cherry-pick the numbers. A good example of this was a Time Magazine article where they delved into suicide rates for young women during the pandemic, while completely ignoring the higher suicide rates among men overall.

The lesson to be drawn here is that media uses the gender equality debate as a “weapon.” Meanwhile, the truth is that the feminist movement has abandoned its mission for equal opportunities for women; feminism no aims for superiority.