First Lady Planning Trip To Eastern Europe

First Lady Jill Biden is planning a trip to Eastern Europe. Dr. Jill will be traveling to Slovakia and Romania to visit U.S. military personnel and groups of refugees who have fled the warzone in Ukraine.

The plans come as many are beginning to doubt their original predictions for the war, as Russia continues to make steady progress in their stated war objectives. As Ukrainian military units continue to fight the Russian invasion, aided by large shipments of money and weapons from the U.S. and Europeans, warnings from the Kremlin about the war escalating if outside involvement continues to cost Russian lives have fallen on deaf ears.

Other high-ranking officials who have recently visited the region include U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who recently embarked on a “secret mission” to Europe to meet with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The visit comes weeks after another $800 million had been sent to the nation, creating give-aways of over $1 billion to the war-torn country in just over a month

The continued funding and involvement of outside nations has worried many that the U.S. and NATO are increasing the chances of possible direct conflict with Russia. And many have asserted that this would turn into a nuclear war very quickly.

The continuation of the conflict is sure to have serious impacts, with many concerned food shortages will soon result from the disruption of the planting season in Ukraine and the shortages of fertilizer that will result from Russian sanctions.

But many in the international community disagree, arguing that the pressure being put on Russia will merely result in the “tightening of belts” by wealthier countries.

Time will tell.