Fiscal Irresponsibility Comes Back To Bite America Again

Time and time again, the fiscal irresponsibility of the left comes back to bite the United States. Democrats are big fans of blowing money on various handouts and giveaways. Yet, they always ignore the reality that money doesn’t grow on trees.

When Biden handed out stimulus checks earlier this year, Republicans warned this would disincentivize work and harm the economy. The president didn’t listen, and neither did his allies in Congress. Now, the United States is facing an inflation crisis that hasn’t been seen in multiple decades.

Every time Democrats spend money, they add to the national deficit. Sadly, Democrats worsened the nation’s fiscal situation, already bypassing another $1.2 trillion spending bill. They’re calling it an infrastructure package. Yet, more than 90% of the legislation centers around infrastructure.

At this time, the United States’ present debt limit will phase out on December 15. According to PJ Media, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are holding meetings.

Avoiding the expiration of America’s debt limit is something that McConnell and Schumer wish to avoid, despite the former being a Republican and the latter being a Democrat.

One of McConnell’s biggest goals lies in passing a national defense bill by the deadline of this year’s end. Meanwhile, Schumer wants Biden’s Build Back Better Act to be passed through Congress and then sent to the president’s desk to sign it into law.

In light of these details, McConnell and Schumer are convening behind closed doors to figure out solutions to yet another impending disaster. After one of the meetings, McConnell didn’t provide many details to the public. However, the Senate Minority Leader confirmed he and Schumer plan to maintain their communication so they can “get somewhere.”

If leaders in Congress cannot reach an agreement on the approaching debt limit, then a government shutdown is imminent.

If the government does indeed shut down, many negative consequences will follow. For starters, the government won’t pay our military for some time. Likewise, federal contractors will also be forced to go without pay.

Retirement benefits will also come to a halt, as the government will not have the funds to make these payments, which is only the start.

All in all, the next several weeks are going to determine what happens on December 15. However, it is apparent to anyone paying attention that fiscal irresponsibility continues to haunt the United States.

Our federal government cannot and must not keep spending money as it grows on trees.