Fisherman Lucky To Be Alive After Shark Encounter In Bahamas

A Florida fisherman, Marlin Wakeman, 24, encountered a terrifying ordeal when he fell into shark-infested waters at the Flying Fish Marina in Long Island, Bahamas last month. Wakeman was attacked by two Caribbean Reef Sharks suffering bites to his knee and shoulder.

The area is known for its high concentration of sharks due to fishermen regularly disposing of fish carcasses in the water. Wakeman and his friends had even discussed the potential consequences of falling into the marina.

Wakeman’s quick thinking and adrenaline rush allowed him to pull himself back into the boat after the attack. His captain immediately applied a tourniquet and elevated his leg before rushing him to a nearby clinic for treatment.

The fisherman described the initial bites as feeling like punches with the pain only setting in later during treatment. He eventually lost consciousness due to the intensity of the pain while being transported to the clinic.

Wakeman’s close call serves as a stark reminder of the occupational hazards faced by fishermen and the importance of being prepared for unexpected situations in dangerous waters. His survival is a testament to his resilience and the quick actions of his captain.