Five Republicans Join Democrats in Voting For Gun Control

Following multiple mass shootings in the United States, the Democrat Party has been throwing all of its weight behind gun control. Despite Democrats’ calls for red flag laws, higher age restrictions on gun purchases, and more, none of this would have prevented the mass shootings we’ve seen.

To this day, Democrats continue to thumb their noses at legislation and policies that would increase protection levels in schools. The left has no problem with banks and airports being protected with guns; however, when it comes to America’s schools, suddenly, it’s a no-go.

It’s been proven many times over that Democrats see mass shootings as opportunities to ram through more restrictions on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

This is why the left immediately calls for gun control after mass shootings, without even considering any other options.

In the wake of the horrific shooting in Uvalde, Democrats managed to get five House Republicans to vote alongside them for gun control.

What to Know About the Latest Vote on Gun Control
The latest gun control bill to pass the House contains a series of measures that will not have any real impacts on criminals.

The measures within the Protect Our Kids Act entail the following: more bump stock regulations, mandates for gun owners to keep their firearms in safe boxes, and a 21-year minimum age for anyone looking to buy a semi-automatic rifle.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), as one of the five Republicans to support this bill, even claimed that “his side” isn’t coming up with comprehensive ways to support the Second Amendment.

Then, again, there are many Republicans these days who don’t view Kinzinger as very supportive of virtually any conservative policies. In addition to voting for the Protect Our Kids Act, Kinzinger is also on record noting his support for more red flag laws.

No Real Solutions
Despite the name of the latest gun control bill, this has not, in fact, laid out any measures that would protect kids in schools.

Republicans have repeatedly called for not just more security in schools, but also mental health reform and services. Democrats, of course, shot down these suggestions as well.

By rejecting proposals that would increase school safety levels and help people recognize when someone is suffering from mental health issues, more lives will continue to be put at risk.

This will not change simply because law-abiding gun owners are made to jump through more hoops.

Finally, many conservatives across the nation were disappointed that five House Republicans joined the Democrats in voting for an ineffective bill that won’t make kids any safer.