Florida Republicans Are Leading Their Left-Wing Opponents

Within the past few years, Florida has shifted from being a swing state to being a reliably red state. Much of this deals with the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and how he’s repeatedly held the line against chaos and destruction.

Since 2020, thousands upon thousands of people have moved to Florida and away from blue states. It turns out that a decent amount of Americans view freedom as a positive alternative to living under the thumb of a bloated government.

As a result of this, voter demographics have shifted, leaving the Florida GOP with over 200,000 more registered voters than Florida Democrats.

Now, both DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) are enjoying comfortable leads over the Democrats looking to take their jobs.

A New Survey Out of Florida
According to Siena College and Spectrum News, DeSantis leads his Democratic rival Charlie Crist by eight points. Rubio, meanwhile, is seven points ahead of his left-wing opponent, Val Demings.

Both Crist and Demings have tried their hardest to paint DeSantis and Rubio as monsters in this election. Though that’s not working. Both Democratic candidates have also decided to tie themselves to the unpopular BIden agenda, which Americans, especially in Florida, are rejecting in droves.

Polling shows that issues most likely to have the greatest impacts on next month’s races are crime and the economy. On these issues alone, Democrats like Crist and Demings have consistently missed the mark.

Meanwhile, DeSantis and Rubio have longstanding track records of favoring limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the rights of the individual.

A Clear Message From Floridians
If the poll by Siena College and Spectrum News reveals nothing else, it’s living proof of the reality that most people across the state don’t like the vision Democrats have in mind for America.

It wasn’t too long ago that Crist said anyone who likes DeSantis in Florida is someone who should vote for DeSantis. Crist also made it plain that he doesn’t even want the votes of people who support the current governor.

This alone speaks volumes, especially when contrasted against DeSantis accepting an endorsement from the Palm Beach County Democratic commissioner Dave Kerner.

As Florida Republicans broaden their tent of voters, Democrats are narrowing their tent with out-of-touch policies and unhinged attacks against their political opposition.