Florida’s Ban Against COVID Vaccine Mandates Is Already Paying Off

In Florida, COVID vaccine mandates are not allowed. Not only are employers not permitted to dictate the health decisions of consumers, but they’re also not allowed to mandate the COVID vaccine for their employees either.

Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida state legislature made sure of this. Last week, DeSantis signed bills into law passed by the state legislature. Each of these bills codifies Floridians’ rights to make their own healthcare decisions without the private sector or government strong-arming them.

Critics were furious over this. The pro-mandate crowd screamed that DeSantis was only doing this to appease his base. However, leftists usually got it wrong.

As it turns out, Florida law that bans COVID vaccine mandates already has some real impacts, as reported by TheBlaze.

Not too long ago, Disney moved its operations from California to Florida. For some time now, the company has had a COVID vaccine mandate for its workers. However, Disney had to roll back this mandate upon the passage of the new Florida law.

The company issued a statement accordingly. Disney explained their view that forcing the COVID vaccine on their staffers is something they view as appropriate. The statement then noted they would respond to developments of a legal nature when doing so is proper.

Disney’s about-face on mandating the COVID vaccine for their workers came one day after DeSantis signed into law bills that prohibit forced vaccinations, even at the hands of employers.

In a private memo, Disney alerted its employees that its ongoing COVID vaccine mandate would be suspended.

Disney isn’t the only one to take note of the ban after DeSantis and the Florida state legislature passed laws against these mandates. Ascension’s St. Vincent Healthcare rolled back its own COVID vaccine mandate; they also announced their choice to reinstate previously suspended workers due to a lack of compliance with the mandate.
Governor DeSantis and the Florida state legislature have set a fine example for the rest of the United States. The healthcare choices of individuals must be left up to the individual.

America cannot allow the private sector or the government at any level to bully people into getting a vaccine or undergoing any medical procedure. The pro-mandate argument of it all being for the greater good doesn’t add up either.

There’s not a single tyrant throughout history who didn’t delude themselves into believing they were acting in service to the “greater good.” However, what pro-mandate leftists fail to understand is that no greater good exists without freedom.

That includes medical freedom, also.