Former Ambassador Haley ‘Trolls’ Olympic Skier Gu For Not ‘Choosing’ Sides

No one is watching the Winter Olympics now, much to the panic of the broadcasting overlords over at NBC. Furthermore, it seems when there is press, it isn’t good. The news has ranged from the men’s ice hockey team failing to medal for the third straight Olympics to the hunger games-like facilities, most notably the dystopian ski jump. Wanting to kick NBC when they were down, former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley decided to bring even more negative attention to the games.

In a wide-ranging interview with RealClearPolitics, Haley slammed American born-Olympic Skier Eileen Gu who decided to represent China and ultimately won a gold medal. Haley rightfully noted that Gu failed to publicly pick a side between the two vastly different countries. Gu has been coy about questions about her citizenship by claiming she is “not trying to solve political problems right now.”

Ms. Gu is entitled to her reasons for choosing to abandon the country where she was born and raised. She is apparently within the rules to ski for the Chinese Communist Party (although China does not allow for dual citizenship, so we await the surrender of her US passport). However, she is not entitled to avoid all the controversy surrounding her decision.

She claims to inspire young girls to take up the sport. Which young girls? The Uyghurs imprisoned in Chinese concentration camps? Does she want to inspire girls to forsake the citizenship of their birth country?

Ambassador Haley is correct when she draws a sharp distinction between the United States and China. The founding documents of the US place the dignity of choice of the individual over the collective. The CCP values the omnipotent state over all things. Despite the wishful thinking of the political class, the normalization of relations between the two countries has not led to a rapprochement. It has instead only highlighted their stark differences.

Ms. Gu has the luxury of sitting on the fence between the two countries now because the United States is still coming to terms with what China has always been, a direct geopolitical competitor for hegemony. Once Americans figure this out, the only home Ms. Gu may return to is the new one.