Previous Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Hits Vanquished Terry McAuliffe

As everyone now knows, Terry McAuliffe is not going to be the next governor of Virginia. Despite McAuliffe working hard to defeat now-Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin, he still came up short and conceded to Youngkin earlier this week. 

McAuliffe ran a campaign of divisiveness, ignoring the interests of parents and rubber-stamping the Biden administration. He believed that he had the election in the bag because Virginia remained under leftist control for more than ten years. 

Nevertheless, when Youngkin went on to win the Virginia governor’s race, this clearly showed McAuliffe a thing or two. Former congresswoman and Democrat Tulsi Gabbard has chimed in on McAuliffe’s defeat, as reported by The Blaze.

Gabbard declared McAuliffe’s failure to win the Virginia governor’s election is good news for the United States of America on social media. The former congresswoman likewise noted how McAuliffe represented arrogance, a tone-deaf attitude, and disregard for parents. 

She also pointed out that McAuliffe’s defeat rejected attempts to divide Americans based on race. It is an apparent reference to McAuliffe’s claims that Virginia needs fewer white teachers educating students for folks who might not know. 

Despite being a member of the Democrat Party herself, Gabbard doesn’t hesitate to call out the left when she disagrees. Earlier this year, Gabbard also criticized the Biden administration’s treatment of Border Patrol agents and its approach to immigration. 

Then, earlier this week, Gabbard declared that Democrats need to change their messaging and attitudes if they expect Americans to vote for them. These remarks have caused many leftists to grow irritated with Gabbard. However, she does not back down in expressing her views.

Despite Gabbard’s remarks as of late, the collective Democrat Party is not listening. Instead, they are still pointing the finger and claiming anyone who votes for conservative candidates is a racist. 

This tired, false, and worn-out argument is not doing Democrats any favors. It’s certainly not going to help them win elections in the midterms, the upcoming presidential race, or beyond. 

Democrats will be their undoing if things continue as they are. Instead of embracing members like Tulsi Gabbard or Joe Manchin, leftists rally behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren. 

Radical socialism and disregard for American freedoms have now become the hallmarks of what today’s Democrat Party is all about. The American public must continue voting against them.