Former NYFD Captain Has Choice Words About Vaccine Mandates

Across the nation, there’s been a disturbing pattern of people losing their jobs for failing to consent to COVID-19 vaccines. These are the same vaccines that do not prevent anyone from catching COVID-19 or spreading the virus to others.

There are countless examples today of double and triple-vaccinated people still coming down with COVID-19, directly experiencing symptoms, and going into self-isolation stints for days on end.

In spite of this, some officials are dead set on keeping vaccine mandates in effect, even without any science to support it. In the case of one New York Fire Department (NYFD) captain, he was forced out of his work because of this mandate.

Now, he’s speaking out against New York City’s council members.

A Critical Message on Mandates
After 20 years of working for the NYFD, a fireman who lost his job because of COVID-19 vaccine mandates is now speaking out.

This fireman has gone viral, letting the city council know he served the NYFD from the age of 21 to 41. He then proceeded to inform the New York City council that its vaccine mandate openly promoted segregation, just as supporters of slavery did in the past.

After calling out the insidious nature of this mandate, the fireman also pointed out its ridiculousness.

He reminded the city council that because of mandatory COVID-19 vaccine rules, he was barred from dining in restaurants. Though he was still able to do his job of rushing into burning buildings.

The fireman then warned that New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is not on the right side of history.

Power vs. Protection
Supporters of COVID-19 vaccine mandates have repeatedly argued these rules are about protecting people. However, this claim is dismantled by the vaccines’ inability to prevent people from getting sick, being contagious, and suffering virus symptoms.

Critics of these mandates remain adamant these measures were never about protection, but rather about leaders having power over others.

Even in the case of Mayor Adams, he stood by vaccine mandates, even as it led to many good police officers leaving the force amid an ongoing crime crisis. Having fewer officers on the beat as lawlessness surges isn’t protecting anyone.

The fireman who confronted the New York City council about its unscientific vaccine mandates has received heaps of praise on social media.