Former Obama Aide Exposes The Truth About Bidenflation

Joe Biden is an objectively atrocious president. Every time an opportunity arises, the 46th president finds a way to entirely be on the wrong side of the issue. He showed this amid abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, trying to pass unlawful COVID vaccine mandates, etc.

In the beginning, the mainstream media and others close to the president and shared his politics tried to cover for him. Although, as time passes, it’s getting harder for even these folks to back up the 46th president.

Over the past few months now, outlets like CNN, ABC News, CNBC, etc., have been forced to cover the harmful economic impacts stemming from Biden’s policies.

A former aide who worked for the Obama administration is speaking candidly about the inflation crisis Biden engendered, as reported by Breitbart News.

A former aide under the Obama administration, Steve Rattner did not try to sugarcoat the truth about inflation and its forthcoming impacts on the country.

During a sit down with Bloomberg, Rattner revealed that “multiple years” will need to come and go before all the kinks of inflation are ironed out of the US economy. Furthermore, he warned that ending America’s inflation would bring quite a bit of pain.

The former Obama administration aide stated the pain would be especially felt via jobs and general economic growth. Rattner believes that inflation in the country will bring about complications in the 2022 congressional midterm elections.

This news directly contradicts the fish story the Biden administration tried to tell about inflation supposedly being nothing more than “transitory.”

To stop the dominos from continuing to fall, the source of the fall needs to be neutralized. In this case, that source is all the spending bills and other destructive policies coming from the Biden administration, along with House and Senate Democrats.

As long as these folks run the show, nothing will improve or get any better. It is why the midterm elections of 2022 are of such great importance.

America cannot keep going on its present course without eventually meeting utter destruction. The vast majority of the Democrat Party has been completely taken over by radicals who want the nation to go down in flames.

Inflation may not be going anywhere anytime soon. However, if the country cannot vote Democrats out of power (starting with House and Senate Democrats in 2022, and then Biden in 2024), everything will get much uglier quickly.