Former Obama Official Blows the Whistle on What’s Happening at the Border

If Border Patrol Agents weren’t busy enough, the busy season is upon them and they’re expecting to encounter 18,000 illegal immigrants per day during the spring and summer which would likely cause the number of encounters to break the record from 2021. The best thing holding the southern border at bay is Title 42 which might go away soon.

Jeh Johnson, former Homeland Security Secretary for Barak Obama spoke to MSNBC about the border crisis and described it as “unsustainable.” The push for amnesty and legal status is being pushed very hard while the border is basically wide-open which means that it’s no “unsustainable,” it’s planned.

Johnson also said, “The border is a tough issue. I am waiting to see when and if they drop Title 42 for the southern border. It is the, frankly, a way to keep the numbers down, although these number are pretty high.”

Title 42, which send illegal immigrants back to their own country due to Covid-19, is the only thing keeping the numbers to 18,000 a day. Imagine what you’ll see when it goes away.

Johnson continued, “Typically, the largest months are March and April… We are about to hit one million in six months. My highest year was 68,000 the entire year, and that politically felt like the world was coming to an end. These are very, very large numbers. They are unsustainable in my view. You make a good point, that if Title 42 is lifted then the public health debate may move to the southern border.”

This is going to shift the entire culture, economy, and voting structure of the U.S. and the Democrats love it. Why do they love it? Because they’re expecting the illegal immigrants to vote for Democrats.

When there are tens of thousands of illegal immigrants camping out under a bridge, there’s a huge problem. That’s never happened before.

And to top it all off, who do you think is paying for the illegal immigrants to be in the country? You are. Your tax dollars are funding this mass migration if you realize it or not. This issue is going to have an even larger effect on the next generation when the social welfare programs are going to catch up with the tax rate and cause larger inflation than we’re seeing right now.