Former State Senator Is Behind Pennsylvania Billboards Slamming Biden For “Making The Taliban Great Again”

A Billboard was put up in Keystone State in which Biden was very heavily criticized for the Afghanistan debacle. It was reported that the Republican Scott Wagner, who is also the former Pennsylvania senator, is responsible for the Billboard that displayed the quote “Making Taliban great again,” along with a picture of Biden holding a rocket launcher.

The former Senator wrote that the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan had made the US a laughing stock for the world. The Taliban openly claimed all control over Afghanistan. The force behind the Taliban’s emboldened Ness is the US, who failed to rescue the US citizens trapped in Afghanistan and announced a complete withdrawal from the country. The freedom that the Afghan citizens had smelled of has now withered away as Taliban’s claim control. The families of the US soldiers who died fighting against terror in a foreign land and the American citizens have been failed by the Biden administration due to their lack of information and poor decision-making.

Biden is facing heavy criticism globally for leaving behind the technologically advanced and billion dollars-worth military equipment for Taliban’s as remains of war along with the top-notch infrastructure that they are trashing. As swiftly as they took over the capital of Kabul, it almost seems likely that Biden had it all pre-planned to lose the country to the terrorist organization, all in the name of saving Americans tax money from being used in an endless war.

The secretary of state Antony Blinken testified that American citizens were still trapped in Afghanistan waiting for a chance to escape the country while Biden is acting like his job is done after announcing the complete withdrawal on August 31st. So it seems the Billboard, perhaps a little overboard, is wholly justified.