Former Ukrainian Spokesperson Blasts Kamala Harris

Before the invasion of Ukraine, we sent Kamala Harris to try and prevent the conflict from happening. Putin promptly invaded. President Biden just sent her over to Europe again to try and smooth over the MiG mess that Secretary of State Blinken created by outing “our polish partners” and making them a prime target once Russia is done with Ukraine. Understandably, things immediately went awry as they usually do when the Vice President is involved.

Statesmanship is usually a pretty serious business, but as we learn, the VP likes to yuck it up with one of her shrill laughs when pressed on issues. We are only talking about a humanitarian crisis which by its nature is always hilarious, so it is understandable.

The Ukrainians were very nonplussed, especially former spokesperson for President Zelenskyy, Luliia Mendel. Who tweeted that a Kamala presidency would be a “tragedy.” It is coming from a woman whose country just got invaded, so she will not lightly throw the word “tragedy” around. She must have gotten some blowback because she deleted the tweet, but as we know, the interweb is forever.

The Twitterverse used the claim to pile on because people do on Twitter. All of Kamala’s greatest hits started making the rounds again, including this gem.

It is impossible to find a clip of the VP not looking out of her depth recently. I bet she longs for the days where the press coverage centered around what she was buying in stores, usually clothes or pots. To come to the VP’s defense (I cannot believe I am saying that), Ms. Mendel has a strong point of view of what she thinks the United States and NATO’s role should be in her country.

If I were Ukrainian, I would want the same thing, but a no-fly zone is not in the best interest of the United States. Even though many people in the United States favor such a plan, I would have you consider the possibility that most people have not thought the idea through past a couple of steps. A no-fly zone means a direct military confrontation with a nuclear peer. We would have to destroy anti-air weapons inside the geographic boundaries of Russia. What would we do if another country destroyed facilities in Texas?

Ms. Mendel is correct. VP Harris is a disaster and her country is in trouble. Unfortunately, the realities of the situation suggest that Russia will be successful in its invasion. The aftermath is a giant question mark. Let us hope the conflict stays confined to Ukraine.