Straight To The Point Luntz Uncovers That ‘Major Story’ Approximately Donald Trump And Can’t Halt Chuckling

The GOP Consultant Frank Luntz has recently teased an apparent ‘major story’ that could prove to be embarrassing for Donald Trump and the Republicans. Luntz took to Twitter multiple times, trying to grab as much attention as possible. Initially, he revealed that Jon Karl would break a major story about Trump that would embarrass many people. It’s been 100 years since the President of the United States did so. What exactly was the story about Trump? 

According to Luntz, Karl will be launching a book in which he had mentioned a major story about Trump that he had allegedly planned to launch a third party. From all the attention Luntz has been trying to grab by his tweets, one would think that this major story would be about something new that Trump might have done and not something that he might have said during a public address in the past. Since Trump has been banned from Twitter, there is no way to even go and check for tweets that might be proof of any such claims made by Trump. 

Even if Trump did claim to start a third party at some point in the past, and even if it was several times, how exactly is it a major story or an embarrassing one for that matter? His reaction to the 2020 elections showed how extremely upset he was. He even went on to trash his vice-president and even threatened to leave the party at some point. But by the end of February, during his keynote at CPAC in Florida, Trump denounced his ideas of starting a third party. So even if what Karl is going to portray as a major story is not relevant.