George Bush ‘Was Not Talking’ About Antifa And BLM When He Spoke About ‘Domestic Terrorism’

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and in tribute to the victims of Islamic terrorism, George Bush decries homegrown terrorism. Could he be more tone-deaf? Bush was in office when the Islamic terrorist attack on 9/11 killed 2,977 Americans.

There is no place for his tactic of criticizing his political rivals inside the Republican Party with backhanded and odd statements. If he were a true man, he would have declared who he believes is the greatest threat to the United States. Like Mike Milley, he is concerned about building “white anger” in the military, and he should express his concerns.

But he did not speak his mind on this day or remember the victims because he is weak and ineffectual. Instead, he plays word games.

Bush’s comparison between the hundreds of people who illegally entered the US Capital building on January 6, 2021, to jihadist terrorists and 7th-century warlords who kill women, children, and homosexuals is brazen. The first amounts to trespassing and vandalism the second is genocidal tyranny. Any legitimate concerns of American citizens have been swept under the rug. American citizens are no longer able to assemble or protest in our own nation’s Capital because of entrapment and incitement to violence that took place. It was a trap, and some foolish Americans took the bait, and now Washington DC is under constant guard.

Thankfully we still have a leader who represents American values. Donald Trump, in a statement through GETTR, smacked down Bush in no uncertain terms. He commented on Bush’s speech and held him responsible for launching a failed war that ended horribly under Biden. Trump defends his supporters from being lumped into a category of domestic terrorism. Simply loving your country and freedom does not make you a terrorist.

Fear-based reactions toward the right-wing extremists will only validate the concerns of many Americans. Instead, Bush and others in the establishment should honor our laws, support law enforcement, and uphold the Constitution. It is the best strategy to demonstrate who are common sense conservatives, unify patriots, and their hope for the future of this nation. But apparently, Bush does not want to do that.

Trump pointed out that nations that disdain America and illegal aliens remain a threat to the USA. And until the politicians bare down and do the hard work to address these problems, we will only see more chaos. Trump accused Bush of burning through trillions of dollars to prosecute the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He implied that Bush was responsible for killing many people during his eight years in office.

President Trump did not go to the 9/11 events that Presidents Biden, Obama, and Clinton did. Instead, he offered his remarks to New York City emergency and police personnel through video conference.

How can George Bush educate the country about domestic terrorism?

According to Bush, destroying the World Trade Center was proof that the threats to our nation could come across our borders. You would think that this might indicate that we should secure our border between Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico, where vicious drug cartels patrol to assault, rape and kill people. But instead, Bush went on to decry the savagery that accumulates inside our nation.

Bush expressed comparison between terrorists abroad and those at home as if there is a Christian Taliban camp in South Dakota. W is as dense as a rock. He accuses Americans of expressing contempt for pluralism, hating humanity, and defiling public images without detailing precisely who these people are. Is he supporting the statue of Robert E. Lee or the windows in the Capital? He favors keeping monuments aloft because that would put him at odds with the political ruling class. And as he slumps into infamy, he must remain in good standing with the people who hate him.